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Meet the Powerhouse Team

My name is Matt Duckworth and I own Powerhouse. Powerhouse has been set up to assist me and my team help people save and make money. We are growing the team and would invite you to join us and meet your goals.

My full-time job is a Mathematics Teacher and I live in Merseyside with my beautiful wife and two amazing daughters. I have built this business in the last two years and it is now paying me a passive income which is growing and will continue to do so due to its unique business model.

Matt Duckworth

Owner/Maths Teacher

Matt mentioned this opportunity to me in 2016 and I gave him the time of day as I’m still trying to get him to play for our football team! Very quickly I realised this was a fantastic business and one that is very manageable alongside my other work commitments as a teacher.

Teacher, cricketer, footballer and I always have a book. The positive energy and free training from the company is fantastic. I’m doing this on a part-time basis and it has already allowed me to think about different opportunities in life. Powerhouse is sure to have some fun on the way too!


Tim Short

Team member/History Teacher

I used to be in Insurance before working for myself as a card wholesaler for the last 25 years. I went to a Career Opportunity Presentation with Powerhouse in 2016 and signed up that night.

Powerhouse works alongside my existing business and the best thing is, my only stock for this business is my iPad. So my van is still completely full with greeting cards! I’m aiming to get the new Mini Cooper by the end of the year so my wife no longer has to drive the van!

Joseph Dandy

Team Member/Card Wholesaler