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Network Marketing

by Matt Duckworth February 27, 2017

When you subtract out the sleeping time, commuting time, working time and things you have to do each and every day of your life, most people do not have more than one or two hours to do what they would actually like to do – and then, if they did have the time, would they have the money to do anything with it?

I joined The Company and set up Powerhouse after becoming a Dad for the first time. I have a beautiful loving wife and soon to be a Father of three children. I am taking control of my life so that I can decide what I do with my time; dropping off my children at school and making sure I get to see all of their plays and events is my first goal.

What is Network Marketing?

We have found a solution to this where you can take control of your own life by building a home-based business; we have a system for doing this which is so simple anyone can do it. It does not require any sales expertise and the best part is, it blends in with your social life and will not take up much of your time. It is called Network Marketing and we can apply this working alongside one of the fastest growing UK companies that provides essential services to every household in the UK. This Company is currently in the FTSE250 and is expected to be in the FTSE100 within the next five years.

Network Marketing is one of the fastest growing yet most misunderstood methods of marketing; there are four main methods of marketing when promoting a product or service to the market:-

  1. Retailing – When you go in to a store and buy something. Retail high streets have suffered due to high overheads of staff and property and the rise of E-commerce.
  2. E-commerce – Transaction of buying and selling online. This method relies on internet marketing in a very competitive market.
  3. Direct Sales – Often call centre led these days and generally related to insurance and compensation. Relies on pushy sales people.
  4. Network Marketing – When you refer a product or service to your family, friends and neighbours. Once you have done this, you then sponsor and teach someone to do exactly what you have done and introduce it to their family, friends and neighbours. This repeats itself and therefore you build a ‘network’.

Is this pyramid selling?

‘Selling’ and ‘Pyramid’ are the two words which put people off the idea of ‘Network Marketing’. The fact is Pyramid Selling is illegal and often takes the form of a ponzi scheme, chain letters and consumer fraud scams with theoretical revenue streams. People quickly assume Network Marketing is the same as they visualise a layered structure. However, that would be the same in any workplace starting with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The difference with Network Marketing is a product or service has to be sold / referred otherwise nobody gets paid. The Company we are recruiting for has been established since 1997 and is listed on the UK Stock Exchange. They market only through Network Marketing and are passionate about protecting their brand and promoting trust and value. For any company to be successful in Network Marketing they must be the best in their field otherwise this referral method would not work.

Anyone who starts Network Marketing begins as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and then they can build from that position. If you look after your team, help them and this will not only be financially rewarding it will give you a huge sense of self-satisfaction as you help other people at the same time.

Famous advocates of Network Marketing include Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo and Greg Norman. We will help anyone new to the business understand Network Marketing and develop their own strategy. Believe big and with determination you can achieve your goals.

Richard Branson who has been involved with his own network marketing company in the UK, talked about how great the opportunity is for those who just need a top-up income all the way to those who back themselves from the outset and take it on full-time. Sir Richard Branson stated “I am a tremendous believer in network marketing and a great believer in entrepreneurs. All the jobs in the next twenty or thirty years will be created by network marketing or entrepreneurs starting off from scratch and making a great difference in the world” (Eric Worre Interview, 2016).


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