The Powerhouse team went to our Annual Conference 2017 in April to hear the exciting announcements The Company are making having reached its 20th Anniversary! A big party is being planned for July; we will certainly be there so look out for our twitter feed for photos and updates.

A fantastic day was had by the team as we heard about new services being introduced with fantastic incentives, our new celebrity brand ambassador who has provided amazing videos to help build our respective businesses. A mini was given away to a Partner in the room and a new car plan has been introduced for prestigious silver BMW X5.

Acknowledgements were made for the newly promoted Matt Duckworth (Team Leader), Tim Short (Qualified Distributor) and Joseph Dandy (Qualified Distributor). Joseph and Tim are aiming to make Team Leader this year and earn their hot air balloon promotion ride for themselves and 13 guests! Shotgun!

Since Express Day we have had three new members join the team as we welcome Brian , Peter and Phil . We wish them every success as they start their new businesses. Look at our events section or get in touch to arrange for your very own Career Opportunity Presentation.



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My name is Matt Duckworth and I own Powerhouse. Powerhouse has been set up to assist me and my team to grow this business into something spectacular. We are growing the team and would like to invite you to join us at one of our events so you can have a look and hopefully meet your priorities in life.

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